HDTV LCD Sharp 2D/3D High Contras Ratio

Sharp HDTV 2D/3D

Sharp will launch a revolution that is claimed capable of displaying HDTV images in 3D format, although without using 3D glasses. HDYV news about the coming directly from the Sharp-electronics via press release.

Of HDTV technology is also claimed an LCD TV technology with high brightness that can switch between 2D and 3D. in the near future when the product is released it will be the first product in the world with such advanced technology.

These features are designed in a County with a parallax barrier system to be able to display 3D images, this capability will give a different impression to the spectators who usually see the 3D image tayngan look out, but for products from Sharp is a sensation of depth will make a memorable and amazing the audience transfixed.

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