News And Review LCD TV TOSHIBA 19AV550E


Specifications LCD TV TOSHIBA 19AV550E

Price Rp 2.160.000,-

Thosiba offers LCD TV Products for Middle-low class, these products are sold very cheap and very affordable. With a screen size 19 inch TOSHIBA 19AV550E products glow is very suitable for small or home merukuran placed in the bedroom.

TOSHIBA 19AV550E already supports technology that was developed by Thosiba hHD, the HD Ready REGZA technology. To optimize the needs of this TV broadcast images supplied Power Meta Brain is capable of eliminating noise caused by a less powerful signal.

Other's features:
• 10-Bit Video Processing
• Intelligent Backlight Control
• 3D Colour Management
• HDMI Terminal

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