Review Product LCD TV TOSHIBA 26AV600E

Specification of the LCD TV TOSHIBA 26AV600E

Price: Rp 3,580,000

LCD TV TOSHIBA 26AV600E present time has a screen size 26 inchie, that we can see from the code 26AV600E, figure 26 shows the size of a TV screen. This product will be present to meet the needs of entertainment that can display the clear favorite TV broadcasts and convenient for viewing.

This product has a segment of middle-class consumers, most LCD TVs is the owner of a community group of Middle-up. Japanese electronics manufacturers have long entered the LCD TV market, so about products LCD TV TOSHIBA 26AV600E is no need to doubt about the quality and reliability.

  • Intelligent Backlight Control
  • HDMI Terminal
  • 10-Bit Video Processing
  • 3D Colour Management

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