Review And Price LCD TV TOSHIBA 32AV600



Price:Rp 4,100,000

TOSHIBA 32AV600 LCD TV present premises latest technological excellence, one of the embedded technology is needed and LCD TV products are 10-bit video processing capable of producing billions of colors to create a more natural picture quality. Another feature that is owned by the LCD TV TOSHIBA 32AV600 intelligent Backlight Control: the ability to adjust lighting levels obtained through the process is adjusted based on sophisticated analysis of the brightness histogram and the location of the dark part in each scene, so the images shown are not dark and cozy utnuk views.

3D COLOUR MANAGEMENT: a technology used to adjust color, saturation and brightness of color is obtained for each of six basic colors are accepted separately. How it works is similar to the views manudai ability to distinguish between skin color or colors of grass, for example, without affecting other colors.

Terminals HDMI: High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) ports are articles used to connect other digital devices with LCD TV Toshiba 32AV600

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