Prices and specifications "Sharp 24LE430" LED TV (non HD)

harga LED TV Sharp 24LE430 2012

Prices and specifications Sharp 24LE430 LED TV (non HD)

Price Rp 1,800,000, -

Not to be outdone by LG and Samsung that some time ago meluncurka TV LED products at affordable prices. Sharp who is of Japanese electronics manufacturers are also doing the same thing, they offer a series "Sharp 24LE430" a TV with technology Emited Light Diode (LED). Although not yet touched the features of High Devinition (HD), but the quality of images produced by berukuran24 inch screen is quite nice and clear, because there's already equipped with the latest technology that is widely used by a class of high end products.

Detail Specification:
  • Respons time :6.5 ms
  • Resolution: 1366 x 768 pixel (Non HD)
  • Size & Screen Type : 24 inche, LED TV
  • Terminal In / Out: Audio Video
  • Remote Control: Ready
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • View Angle (V / H): 165/170 degree
  • Speaker : Stereo Speaker

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